Emergency Service :
The only non-profit making charitable organization that collaborates with Hospital Authority in transferring electronic patient records to A&E Departments; calling the ambulance centre for medical assistance, calling the police, notifying the emergency contact person to report the latest status of service user, follow-up services after users’ hospitalization.

Care and Appointment Reminder Service :
Call assurance, volunteer visit and escort to hospitals, caring reminder, making appointments with out-patient clinics by phone.

Community Service/ Information and Referral :
Referrals to other social service resources such as home and healthcare services.

Emotional Counseling Service :
Short-term emotional counseling and support.


  • FOM06C
  • FOM08C
  • FOM09C
  • FOM09C
  • FOM09C


  • FMS28C
  • FMS30C
  • FMS40C
  • FLS45C
  • FLS50C


  • FMT12C
  • FET12C
  • FET14C
  • FET14C
  • FET16C