A credit card terminal is a type of a Point of sale (POS) terminal that can do transactions with a credit card. A couple of types of credit card terminals are available to merchants. Most have the same basic purpose and functions. They allow a merchant to insert, swipe, or key in manually the required credit card information and transmit such data to the merchant service provider for authorization and then later on the transfer the fund to the merchant.

Most new models not only process credit and debit cards but can also handle gift cards, checks and so on. The majority of card terminals transmit data over a standard telephone line or an Internet connection (either wired or wireless). Some also have the ability to cache transactional data and transmit the data to the gateway processor when a connection becomes available; immediate authorization is not available at the time the card was processed which can subsequently result in failed payments. Remote wireless terminals can transmit card data using either cellular or satellite networks.


  • FET16C
  • FET12S