A portable digital audio player is a consumer electronics device that is capable of storing and playing digital media such as audio, images, video, documents, etc. the data is typically stored on a hard drive, micro drive, or flash memory. Often digital audio players are sold as MP3 players, even if they support other file formats. Other types of electronic devices like cell phones, internet tablets, and digital cameras are sometimes referred as portable media
player because of their playback capabilities. Such players are typically much less expensive than either the hard drive or flash-based players. Many players have a built-in electret microphone which allows recording. There are professional-quality recorders suitable for high-quality music recording.


  • FBM04C
  • FBM06C
  • FBM06C


  • FMT04R
  • FMT05S


  • FPE15C
  • FPE20C