Mylar Speaker (MED Series)


  • Qualified Medical Standard IEC60601-1-8
  • Measure Frequency at 325Hz
  • Input Voltage 2.8Vp-p, Square Wave, 10cm
  • Resonant Frequency 975Hz
  • 4 Harmonic Peak Within 1K ~ 4KHz

Ultrasonic Sensor (Automotive Series)

    P/N: FCU25C22W02KLAN

  • Waterproof
  • TS16949 Certified
  • Wider Beam Angle
  • 2 in 1 Transmission
  • Car Reverse Sensor
  • High Temperature Range

Mylar Speaker (IoT Series)


  • Compact Size
  • Fully Automatic Production
  • Higher Sound Output – 92dB
  • Spring Terminal, Easier Installation
  • Best IoT Solution – Mobile Phone, Tablet, Smart Handheld Devices.

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